‘The Idea of You’ Trailer: Anne Hathaway Succumbs to Nicholas Galitzine in Harry Styles-Propelled, adults-only Heartfelt Show

The Idea of You’s Trailer

In the teaser for “The Idea of You,” a Prime Video original film, Anne Hathaway plays a forty-year-old single mother who gets to fulfill the fantasy of every adolescent girl: she starts a fast-paced romantic relationship with Nicholas Galitzine, the twenty-four-year-old lead singer of the sexiest boy band in the world. The R-rated film will stream globally on Prime Video starting May 2.

After the couple meet backstage at Coachella, they kindle a steamy relationship. As Hayes (Galitzine) plays Solène (Hathaway) a song on the piano, he grips her thigh. “I’m too old for you,” she insists before he pulls her in for a kiss. “No, you’re not.”

When going on romantic dates, the couple is seen negotiating paparazzi, which makes Hathaway’s character wonder, “What about what people will say?” —to which Galitzine responds, “I don’t care what they say.” The trailer features the debut single from the film’s soundtrack, “Dance Before We Walk,” which is also out now.

The story begins with Reid Scott, who plays Solène’s husband, deciding to end their marriage and cancel their Coachella trip with their 16-year-old daughter Izzy (Ella Rubin). The story is based on Robinne Lee’s best-selling novel of the same name. Solène meets Hayes Campbell, the frontman of August Moon, a popular band whose frontman is rumored to be based on Harry Styles, at the festival. As an unexpected romance begins between the two, Solène must balance her career, her obligations to her teenage daughter, and the 24-hour news cycle surrounding her relationship.

In an interview with Vogue in 2020, Lee was asked if the novel was inspired by Styles, to which she responded, “Inspired is a strong word.” However, Lee said “the seed was planted” after researching One Direction in 2017 and discovering that Styles often dated older women. She also noticed how scenes she had written would eerily play out in Styles’ life. For instance, after writing a scene in which the paparazzi catch Soléne and Hayes in a compromising position on a yacht, similar photos of Styles and Kendall Jenner were released.

Jennifer Westfeldt wrote the screenplay, which Michael Showalter directs and she will executive produce. Producers include Hathaway through her Somewhere Pictures label, Cathy Schulman through her Welle Entertainment label, Gabrielle Union through her I’ll Have Another banner, Lee, Eric Hayes, Showalter, and Jordana Mollick. I’ll Have Another’s Kian Gass will executive produce as well.

Jordan Aaron Hall, Annie Mumolo, and Perry Mattfeld are among the other cast members. The remaining members of August Moon are portrayed by Dakota Adan, Raymond Cham, Vik White, and Jaiden Anthony.

Several Oscar winners appear in the movie, including Hathaway for her performance as Fantine in “Les Misérables” from 2013, Mumolo for co-writing “Bridesmaids,” and Schulman for producing “Crash,” the winner of the best picture Oscar.

Watch the trailer below.

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